Thunkables SNAPGRAM

i tried to remix snapgram but the problem is when i take picture it does not go inside the title out of 20 attempts it only went in title once can anyone tell me whats wrong?

Hey @jxbclothes69gc7 - I’m not sure what you mean by

There are 5 buttons on the screen, and after the picture is taken, the image from the camera is displayed as the background image of the top button.

I’m not sure what “title” you are referring to. Can you send some screenshots from your phone to illustrate what’s happening please?

Additionally, if you have made any changes to the blocks can you upload a picture of those too?

Finally, have you watched the full, 27 minute tutorial of how to build Snapgram?

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i watched whole 27 minutes and did it step by step when i take a picture it does not set as one of the buttons it stays blank

Ok, but…

You also originally said:

but now you say:

Can you please clarify whether you have remixed the project link that we shared or if you have built this project yourself, starting from a blank project?


Yes Me too. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

i watched the whole 27 min to understand why my remix wasnt working and it stays blank like this even after taking pictures

Ok, that was a good ideal to troubleshoot.

However, going back to my very first post again:

Got you the blocks


Those blocks actually look ok to me. If you want, can you share your project link either here or via PM and I’ll test it out - it might be an issue with your Cloudinary account perhaps?

Is your database(s) connected and media db? and are they configured correctly?

its connected to cloudinary and yes