Thunkable X新需求:添加气压传感器

由于民用GPS在海拔高度测量中有比较大的误差,希望thunkable X后续的升级中可以添加气压传感器,气压传感器不只可以更精准地计算海拔高度,在其他参数计算中,用于提高精度也有很大的需求.
Due to the large error in the measurement of altitude in civil GPS, it is hoped that the pressure sensor can be added to the subsequent upgrade of thunkable X. The air pressure sensor can not only calculate the altitude more accurately, but also improve the accuracy in other parameter calculations.

我不知道Thunkable X会否新增如你所说的气压传感器,但这个是不错的建议,感谢。
Hi there,I don’t know The Thunkable X will be added you said “Pressure sensor”,but this is a great suggestion.Thanks.

No, that won’t work.
A fast changing barometric pressure (0.006 atmosphere variation over 3 hours) would alter the altitude read by 50 meters over such a 3 hour period.
From day to day, you cannot rely on the pressure sensor UNLESS you use it only for variations over a short period of time, or recalibrate regularly (more than once par day).

The GPS altitude reading is not affected by barometric pressure, and can be accurate to 10 or 20 m.

It makes sense that the barometric pressure sensor may be useful in obtaining temporary altitude changes.

Change yes, but not absolute. That is the point.

One also has to determine how accurately the pressure sensor can return a reading. I am not sure all smartphone have the required accuracy. But I agree that to have the component to access it would be desirable.