[NEW APPS] Coordinates and pedometer

Hi there, I’m very glad I’ve joined this wonderful community.
I would like to share with you my first two humble apps. I know there are similar apps already, but as I am Italian, my apps are in Italian and they may be useful to other Italian developers as starting points.
The first app is called Coordinate (coordinates in English). It shows the user the current GPS coordinates along with accuracy (a missing feature in many GPS applications) and it shows the corresponding position in Google maps. It allows to save the position as a text file to the phone and it allows to open a meteorological site (openweathermap) with informations about the current position (maybe the use of openweathermap can be an example of using an external api).
Coordinate.aia (199.4 KB)
Coordinate.apk (2.9 MB)

I have a couple of questions about the GPS module. I can’t understande if the altitude value refers to a calculated value (from the GPS data) or to the approximated altitude given by Google.
Would it be possible to have both?

The second app is a simple pedometer with a slider to set the step lenght. It should be able to work in the background if you leave the app open in the background.
Quanto_cammino.aia (6.3 KB)

It seems I can’t add the apk version of this app as I’m a new user and I’m limited to 3 attachments.


will you please share your app pictures


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