Share My Spot - Transform pins into useful tracks

Hardware companies are notorious for having great devices and less than stellar software. Find Me Spot ™ is no exception. They have satellite tracking device used in the backcountry, which is great for outdoor enthusiests. Unfortuately, their app only shows pins, not tracks. And times are displayed in GMT, no the local time.

Therefore I used Thunkable to re-package the Find Me Spot ™ data to show direction, stops, and local times.

Inside my Thunkable project, I used Google Maps, Web API, and stored variables to improve on the manufacture-supplied software.

You may notice that I used the new drag-and-drop features to overlay labels and button on the map.


This is such a great use for Thunkable. To take existing data (especially API data) and re-package it to make it either more user-friendly, less/more detailed, more aesthetically pleasing, or more functional is fantastic.

This is exactly the kind of project I’m teaching my middle school students to make right now. Not a tracking app, per se, just any app they choose that makes use of API data.


really gret app
i can say u used the new ui of thunkable

just change lines it will be gut

Unfortunately, App Store says it’s not available in my country.

:scream: So sorry about that @muneer! I’ve updated my store listing to include all countries. Google Play Console says it is available in all countries now, but I have no idea how long that will take to become available in the play store.

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Many thanks. I will check tomorrow. It’s not reflected yet.


Very good interface, I like your application great work. So I have a question, does it cost you money if we use the application?

The app is free, but you need a Spot GPS tracker and subscription

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i cant believe
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quite ezz :sunglasses: