Thunkable X Extensions

My Classic project will have to be rebuilt to X, but what about the extensions?

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Hey @Luc - happy to help you with your rebuilding effort. :smiley:

Can you share a link to your Play store listing please so we can get a better idea of what your app is all about, thanks!

Which extensions are you currently using in your app? There might be an alternative component or we might already have a work around for you.


GPS based Instrument landing System, still under development, not published in the Playstore yet. Happy to provide apk, 9Mb too large to include here, how would you like to receive it?

  • Specialtools (densityDpi, getScreenX)
  • TaifunFile (exists, filelist)
  • netConnected (online)

Thank you, Luc

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In Thunkable X you can use % for relative sizing so you app scales nicely across device sizes and densities.

The canvas can do something like this I think - depends on what you’re using it for I suppose (I should have asked!)

Not familiar with this one - what does it do/how are you using it?

We’re working on it, but it’s not available right now. What sort of files are you working with? Perhaps one of our cloud storage options would do for now?

Already available in the device blocks!

Ok, hope that’s enough to get you started at least! :grinning:

Thank you for the prompt reply! Your help is much appreciated.
I’ll get into more detail after some testing in Th.X., more specifically the graphics part, emulating complex aircraft instruments using canvas & sprites.
TaifunFile (exists) = check if file exists.
TaifunFile (Filelist) = to produce a LIST of files with type .txt

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In my opinion it is important that extensions can be added because there will be less load on the thunkable team and also because there will be more ideas for new components😃

Thanks for your feedback @point - we are planning on having something like extensions in the future, but it will take some time to make sure such as system is secure, reliable, and of course, cross platform!

For the time being, if there’s a component that you would like to see please reach out to use directly.

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Thanks, I’ve been waiting to see how it works😃

Is there any progress on the subject?

Thanks for your interest!
In the process of converting from Classic, I try to create workarounds where I can, but sometimes I can’t:

  • I see no way to dragging a sprite horizontally only, it can always be dragged in any direction. Would appreciate a solution for this.
  • As for the above list of missing items: the extensions related to files, I will find workarounds.
  • Performance: app variables are extremely slow. Function variables on the other hand, are many times faster. But this feature is not documented (create dummy function with all the project variables, then use these variables in the entire project, even after deleting the function). Will this feature stay in place?
    Thank you
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