Thunkable x and firebase media files

i want to get sounds files from firebase
i made it by thunkable and it works

how can i do these steps by thunkable x

Use this block and put the value in the sound component :slight_smile:


Here for more info on how to use RealtimeDB (Firebase)

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thank you for replying
but when i do this step
i don’t know what i must put in key block


is it the name of project in firebase

No, let me explain clearly.

When you save to a database or to firebase or to any other storage, you have a key, and a value.

The key is the name you want to save it under. It is the name your value will take in the Database and the name you will need to save it and to get it. The value is as you understood what you want to save. If you want to replace your value by another one, just enter the same key, but if you want to save different values, you might want to change the key to not overwrite the old value.

Hope I’ve been clear enough. Tell me if not.

Good day !

can you explain by screen shot of blocks please

Hang on

now, i have a database and i have media files
what is the key and what is the value of them ??
if one of them refer to another thing … what is this thing??

Basically here the left one saves your data.

Here number is the name of your object in the database & 1 is it’s value.

The one on the right collects the data with the name so number and gives it to you under the value block


which one of these is right …

2018-10-06_125057 2018-10-06_125113

Here, the sound1 call play is just meant to play the sound you’ve set. So none of these is good, you first need to set sound1 source to value, and then do sound1 call play
Basically, just add a sound1 call play under the sound1 set source to value of your second one.


i can’t understand what i must do

I’m going to send you the blocks and explain. Because if you don’t understand and just copy you’ll be back soon to ask a similar question :slight_smile:

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thank you
please explain about mp3 file not about text

It’s the same just replace the value 1 by your mp3 name

good … but to what refer ( number) ??

To your mp3 file, it is the value you want to save and to play later. So here just put your mp3 file

is it right ???

Yup, test it and see

not working
when i click the button it takes me to the first screen
please help me … this is the first time in ( thunkable x )

Can you send me your project link ? Here or in DM

And don’t worry we all have to start somewhere