Thunkable βœ• Release (Jul 20) - Alert / Notifier component

Hey Thunkers,

Happy Friday!

We are excited to add a new Alert component to the new cross-platform. Alerts are useful components for displaying important messages while users are in the app itself. This component uses the native styling in iOS and Android allows you to create one-, two- and even three-buttons alerts. Learn more here

We love feedback. As you use the platform, you may start seeing a few micro-surveys pop up. The surveys are anonymous so please feel free to tell us what is working for you and what is not – it really helps us focus on making this an extraordinary experience for you!

Happy Thunking!
Albert on behalf of the team

PS For those of you who were anticipating the support of icons for the Tab Navigator, we discovered that we have to upgrade some of our platform infrastructure to more easily support it. Our hope is that the upgrade will enable not only Tab icons but also a number of the other features that you have requested.


Hello Albert,
Add β€œHTML for label”, please.
It is a really powerful feature for the apps that consist of large numbers of text. We can add one label and arrange it with html instead of many texts.
I hope that you will add this feature with ones that will be added in next update.
My best regards!