Thunkable ✕ Release (Aug 8) - Stability, Better Scrolling, a new Block and more!


We just rolled out a new release of Thunkable ✕. It’s mostly a bug fix release.

Bug fixes

  • Stability should be significantly improved on the Live App, especially for Android
  • There should generally be fewer crashes on downloaded/published apps, especially for Android
  • The WebViewer on Android should scroll properly and be responsive
  • The Scrollable feature of the Column component should now work properly
  • Column component will now display background images on iOS
  • Scrollable screens will now scroll on downloaded or published apps for iOS
  • Setting Latitude and Longitude on the Map component on Android via blocks should now work
  • Setting the Value property of the Slider component on Android via blocks should now work
  • Projects with a huge number of components or blocks should no longer generate errors from backend server

New blocks

  • Shuffle list - get a copy of a list with the items shuffled in a random order.

Platform updates

  • Improvements to the tutorials

You can see the release notes here, but it’s pretty much the same as the above.

Webviewer Frozen - Can't Scroll, Can't Tap, etc
Scrollable Screen issue
Thunkable ✕ Release (Aug 8) - Stability, Scrolling, a new Block and more!

Hello Mark,
What about the HTML for text “label” as in the Thunkable classic?


Does this new update of X allow us to create apps with API 26 compatible with android 8.0 ? @Mark


I’m afraid not yet.



Not yet, but it should be coming in the next week or two.



Ohhh… that means that I could not publish an apps to google play :cold_sweat: :slightly_frowning_face: :sneezing_face: :cry:


Very good work guys! This helps a lot :slight_smile:


No it dosen’t. I don’t like it