Thunkable Pages not correctly linking?

My Thunkable Project

So the question page works on its own, but when I link it to the buttons on the welcome page (clicking through to get to the questions), suddenly the question page does not update through the database. Can anyone see where the issue may be?


I found the source of the problem but not the cause. I agree that when you start on the Question page, the questions are incremented but once you start at the Welcome page they are not.

It turns out the Loading page is the problem; once I removed all calls to it, questions are incremented as they should.

At first I only removed the calls on the Question page but still got the problem but once I removed the call on the Welcome page, the problem went away. Not sure why; maybe someone more knowledgeable than I can help.

I even tried placing a On Screen Open block in the Loading page to Wait 1 second and then Navigate to the Question page but that broke it as well.

I also moved the Initialise blocks that were on the Questions page to the Welcome page as you don’t want those varibales being reset each time you went back to the Question page. Also added a block to change the Question Number label on the Question page.

Hope that this helps.


Thank you so much! It worked perfectly after not navigating to the Loading Page! I don’t know the cause either, but now it works!

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I’ve been working in hardware and software tech for over 30 years and have come across some of the weirdest instances where you change something that shouldn’t be a problem but it solves the issue.

Just one for the books!!