Thunkable ✕ now supports importing keystore files?

I am trying to import a project from MIT app inventor. I can export AIA and ABB and keystore files. It appears that Thunkable Classic could do an import, but Classic is no longer available.

In this post fom Sep '19, Thunkable Classic is Retiring – What you need to know

there is this comment…

Thunkable Staff
Sep '19
Without the possibility of importing AIA projects on ThunkableX…

Hey @Labirinto_Ambientale - good news, Thunkable ✕ now **supports importing keystore files 74 from Classic. This means that you can rebuild your project, upload it as an update to Google Play and you get iOS compatibility thrown in for free too!..

It links to Publish to Play Store (Android) with AAB - Thunkable Docs … and says:

Publish to Play Store (Android) with AAB…

Download your AAB file

You can download your AAB file by clicking Publish > Publish Android

MY QUESTION: Will Thunkable X import my aab and keystore files from my MIT app inventor project, and thus import the project?

In future please search the forum thoroughly as most questions, including yours, have been answered.

The short answer is no, you cannot import files from any other builder. You will need to build the app from scratch on Thunkable X.

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