Thunkable not working on android

So, I’m creating this app for solving plant diseases (quite a beginner app). I create it and download it on my android. It shows a neon blue screen and nothing else. Also Thunkable Live cant be downloaded on it. And guys its the latest version of android. Pls give a solution as I really want this app to succeed.

Does the app work on any other devices? Does it work properly when previewed in a browser?

Is the neon blue screen part of your project? What is the app attempting to do when it loads? For example, on the first screen, are you accessing local storage? Cloud data? Web APIs?

In the first screen there are just 2 buttons 1 for the chatbot and the other for FAQ page. When i preview it on my laptop its clear as crystal just like i want it to but in the android device just shows a blue screen.
btw the chatbot is a web viewer of dialogflow agent that i created

That sounds fairly complicated. I’m not saying it shouldn’t work but… are you able to download and run other projects from Thunkable? Is it just that one that doesn’t work? What happens if you create a ridiculously simple project (one button that changes to the next screen, no other components) and download that?

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