Thunkable Live not working (android phones as well) (specific features)

Me and my team are working on a project for a global competiton called Technovation 2020. However, these past days our app (that uses features like map markers and polylines) doesn’t open in thunkable live.
I see that some iOS users have had the same problem but our team uses Android phones.
Is this issue only for specific funcions and will it be solved soon?
Thank you for your time

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Hey @team.cyb3rgirlzqh

Are you using a screen opens or screen starts block?

Any chance that there’s an issue with the blocks in there?

If you want to share a screenshot then we should be able to give you more insights.

No the blocks are fine, it used to work some days ago but now Thunkable Live isn’t working. Can you please tell us why is this happening?.. so we can know if we need to develop our app in another IDE.Maybe map is not a supported file, or maybe the numbers in blocks are not supported? Please give us a response as soon as possible because we need to know how to deal with this issue, and our submission deadline is so close!

It will not work if you have bad block combinations. I just completed a flight tracker with map and poly lines for plane direction just a day ago

Hello Jared
We couldn’t put the polylines in out app but we wanted to change the colors or the icons of the markers in the map. if you could help us with the code it would be great. :slight_smile:

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You can’t change the icons yet(hopefully soon, a feature request has been made already!)

To change the color you have to use hex values. Google: color to hex value converter

But at what part of the code can we change the color of the markers in the map because we have tried for days and unfortunately it hasn’t worked

Sorry. I misread your previous post. I thought you meant the color of the polylines. I think you could make your own markers with custom colors By making tiny polygons but then they wouldn’t have call out boxes when you tap on the marker.

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Can you please tell us if this piece of code is wrong because the live app does not work when this is a part of the code. If it is possible please tell what we could change and make the code efficient for our app.

What does it do?

So after you open the app and you click the switch that is supposed to show the makers and the polygon it does not show anything it is just a blank map without markers or polygons

just like this
please help us because it has been several weeks where we try to put polylines and polygons but they do not show up.

I am also having the same problem!
here is a screenshot of what my screen appears after the map component opens/starts (I’ve tried both blocks)

Could you help me??