Thunkable Live iOS App Issue (Fixed)

Our iOS Live app (version 260) has an issue now. Please don’t upgrade to the latest version or disable auto upgrade if you haven’t upgrade it.

The Android Live app is working fine. We are working on a fix asap (within 24 hours). We will keep you informed here.

Latest: the issue is fixed. Please download the latest version (261) from the Apple app store.



Thank you

A new app has been submitted to the Apple store and we are waiting for confirmation and release time.


so why shouldn’t we update it?

Because the current version (if you downloaded now) doesn’t work correctly. They are waiting on the App Store to release the working version they have submitted already. There is a brief turnaround time when submitting apps for download during which the apple team (or google) reviews the app and approves it or says it’s not ready yet.

That’s why not to download yet

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but what is new i the update?

I Already updated how will this affect me?

It may not work until the next version is live

Thank you very much…

We published a new release. Please look for version 261 in the Apple App Store.



That was quick… thank you!

Thank You So Much!

Hello Everyone!
My Thunkable live app doesn’t work.
It opens and then shuts.
iOS 10.3.4

Thunkable Live doesn’t seem to run well/at all on version 10 of iOS, based on other posts on the forum. (And I can personally confirm it won’t run at all on 9.) Can you upgrade the version on your phone, or are you maxed out?

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hi catsariskypbi, thank you for the reply.
No i cannot upgrade the phone anymore. Are there any solutions or workarounds?

Thunkable Live runs nicely on my iPhone SE (the 2016 edition, not the fancy new one). In the US, you can get a used but functional SE or 6s for <$100, and those can be updated all the way up to IOS14, so while they’re not super fast, they’re likely to be compatible for a while. Sorry, I don’t think that’s the answer that you wanted. :slight_smile:


Tnx for the advice! :slightly_smiling_face: