Thunkable is not working on Huawei Mediapad T5

I have searched the community, but I have not found anything similar to this problem.

We are using Thunkable live app on some Huawei Mediapad T5. I can share the EMUI exact version and compilation number if necessary.

The issue is: when we try to start thunkable, the system shows a warning that suggests uninstalling the app because it could have a virus inside! We can’t find out any way to disable that warning. We consulted Huawei developer forums and found nothing about it.

Furthermore, we are trying the app in some other tablets, exactly some Samsung Galaxy tabs, and we don’t get the warning and can work without problem.

Also, we are working well in a Huawei Mate P20 Lite mobile phone.

On that Huawei Mediapad T5 tablets, we have installed APK Pure app and downloaded older versions of Thunkable app. Exactly, the problem does not appear from the 406-2 version and before, but when we select the email option to try the developed app, the code does not show (maybe it is the connection server bug that is commented in other post).

The problem is similar to this one:

We are stuck in this problem. Any insight?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello @eduardomillan and welcome to the community!
Thank you for sharing all this information.
We strongly recommend downloading the latest Thunkable Live App from Google Play and App Store so that you can use the latest version and avoid issues in Live Test.
It appears that the issue may be due to the fact that your device and Android version are out of date.
An update on your device’s Android version will be the best solution.

Hello @ioannis and thank you for your reply.

I have tried with the latest versión of Thunkable from Google Play Store (421 version) and the Huawei Mediapad T5 is updated to the latest version of Android Operating System.
Also I have checked the EMUI version from Huawei and it is up-to-date too.

The Thunkable Live app does not start on the device and we cannot use it.

Any more clue?

Hello @eduardomillan! Thank you for sharing more information.
Could you please share the Android version that you have on your device?

Hello again, @ioannis. Of course, here you are the Android version and more data.
Android version: 8.0.0.

I’m attaching some pictures about the error that appears when trying to open thunkable (with the Play Store last version) and the tablet information.
Thanks for your help.

Hello @eduardomillan
From where did you download this apk?
Do you have PlayStore?

Yes, it is the Play Store last version of Thunkable. I have tested older versions also, obtained from ApkPure.

Only the 406 version and before ones don’t show the virus warning, but that ones can’t get the eMail code from Thunkable server to connect with the IDE web interface.

Hello @eduardomillan!
Please try to download the app from here: Thunkable Live - Apps on Google Play

Sorry about the delay. I downloaded the app from the Play Store, but the result is not successful. The outcome is the same as before.

The app tries to start, but a black screen is shown and following the virus message.

I’m sharing with you a recording about the error, hope it helps.

Hello @ioannis, have you had time to have a look a this problem? Have you updated the app in the Play Store with some fixes?