Huawei AppGallery Publish detecting virus

I have just attempted to publish my app to Huaweu AppGallery.
The same app has already been published to Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

It was rejected because

[Description]: Your App is detected to carry virus: a.gray.andrsca.f. Please refer to the rule 2.1 of “AppGallery Review Guidelines”: ­[Test Environment]: Wi-Fi connection, Android 10.0/EMUI 10.0 (Mate 30), Multilingual settings. ­[Suggestion]: Please check the apk file, code, third-party SDK or others to identify it. Then delete the contents which carry virus and resubmit your App for review."

Anybody else had this issue.
Do I need to virus scan my computer? :smiley:

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Apps made on Thunkable are only intended to be published to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play. This is probably the source of this problem.


@khunter83 can you send on a screenshot of the email you received from Huawei please?

Also, can you send me (either here or via PM) a link to your project so I can try to reproduce this issue.

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Is it possible (or planned) to submit Thunkable apps on Huawei AppGallery?

Wouldn’t downloading the APK from Thunkable and uploading it to the Huawei AppGallery work?

I never tried it. So if Google Play and Huawei Gallery work with the same APKs that’s fine with me.

That is what I tried and I got the error message shown.

Sure, but there could be something very specific to your app. It would be interesting to see what happens when someone else tries uploading his app. If he gets the same then yes, it is most probably an issue with the Thunkable platform.

any updates on huawei