Thunkable free limits

I currently use the free version of thunkable, but there aren’t some features that I see in the guides, such as the blocks to share files and text together, the components to set the layout and many other functions, I wanted to know if these functions are available in the pro version.

Hi @giuseppe.giannattasi and welcome to Thunkable!

I’m /guessing/ that your problem doesn’t have to do with free versus pro, but rather that you’re looking at directions for the older interface (“snap to place” or “legacy”) and trying to use the newer interface (“drag and drop”). There are a /few/ components that are pro only, but nothing you list is.

To choose the interface when you FIRST create the project, use the “try our drag and drop interface” checkbox:

MOST Youtube tutorials are still for the older interface, so if you’re following along with something, you may want to leave the box unchecked.

Drag and drop documentation is here: 👋 Welcome to Thunkable - Thunkable Docs
And snap to place is here:

Hope that helps!


thanks for the answer I verified that it is as you say, but I would need this block

In this version i cant’t find it

Is there an alternative way to perform this function?

I /think/ you’re looking at the original Thunkable, not Thunkable X. That’s a very old tutorial, from when Thunkable only worked on Android.

If you want to share an image file, I think you can still accomplish that - use the “Share image” block in that sharing palette in your screenshot. Your user will need to choose who to share the image with (and whether by email or text) using the phone’s native capabilities.

Hope that helps!


I want to share an image accompanied by text, not just the image