Thunkable for iOS Update - Camera, Photo Library (ImagePicker), Firebase Realtime DB, Adding Media

Hi Thunkers,

Apologies for the delay in releasing new components on the iOS platform. We actually have a number of components ready for release but we are awaiting approval from our friends at Apple.

The following components are ready (once we get approval)

On deck:

*Web component to tap into your favorite Web APIs
*Updated button component with many of the styling features many of you have asked for
*Ability to Publish your app to the App Store
*Sound component to play your favorite songs
*Timer component to time your favorite app actions

Thanks for your patience!
Albert @ Thunkable


Thanks for the Firebase, this is the biggest one for me!

It would also be nice if we could get Firebase Storage available to us…

Do you have any idea when you will get approval ?

Button update + timer … :heart:️:heart:️

good news!thanks for your hard work!

Can iOS and Android apps share the same firebase?

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