GoogleService-Info.plist crashing app

I’ve followed the directions in the documentation for adding Firebase to my IOS app, but when I add the GoogleService-Info.plist, the app doesn’t proceed past the splash screen. I tested removing the .plist and the app downloaded and operated normally. Please update the documentation on the proper procedures to implement the Realtime database.

I can confirm the problem. I saw this opened topic too late and posted my screenshots at another topic:

After removing the plist-file, downloading was no problem

Thanks for reporting this – we are investigating the issue on our end.


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I suggest to close this thread :slight_smile: super happy!

Screenshot from 2018-02-03 14-54-45

btw: using unallowed characters while uploading a new key will cause a silent ending of the iOS app ( just in case someone in the community is doing tests)

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