Thunkable for Android Beta Update

Hey Thunkers,

You may have seen the news that we now have push notifications (in addition to AdMob) for you to try out on our Thunkable for Android Beta platform.

Starting today, you no longer have to sign up with us to try out our features on beta – just sign in to the link above and import your projects there.

IMPORTANT: Thunkable does not guarantee that features on this platform will always remain available and that apps built on beta will always be supported

Happy Thunking!
Albert on behalf of the Thunkables

PS Yes, we do still have a beta for Thunkable for iOS that you must be whitelisted for but we are working hard to remove that soon too!


estos son todos los metodos que implementaran ???

Companion is not updated, I guess?

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@Andres_Cotes you will see that message if you are not using the latest version of Thunkable Live (which is currently 3.22).

Thanks @ILoveThunkable for pointing that out.