Thunkable documentation - issue: loses information fidelity

Would like to take this opportunity to report what might be a potential issue with the way Thunkable Android documentation is written or organized, vis-a-vis MIT AI2 original documentation. I think Thunkable Android documentation is losing important information / fidelity, s.a. distinction between “methods” and “events”, while mixing them up, also with “parameters”.

Take for instance: , and compare it with – we can note that, from Thunkable docs it is not clear as to what are methods and what are events, what are component parameters, but from AI2 docs it is quite evident.

Hope that this is fixed (if Thunkable team agrees).

Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. We made the change to simplify the documentation for our users since most of them won’t easily know what a “method” or “event” is. How does that distinction help you when building apps?


Perhaps it is because I am returning to AI2 style development after a gap of few years, but this time with Thunkable, and haven’t explored Thunkable fully – but, back when I was using AI2, I remember that events had to be handled, so developer would create handlers for those events. Methods on the other hand, were called. The visual representation of the blocks, and what could be done with them was different. Has that changed ? Or I’m just plain rusty !


Hi there. You are right – the blocks are different between methods and events for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I think it becomes obvious when you start building on the blocks but agree, it may be confusing if you are just reading the docs. Will have a think about it!

Thanks for the feedback and welcome back to app building,