Thunkable Classic-> Thunkable x

Hello, I have a school project coming up where I have to make an application on thunkable x However I accidentally made it on thunkable classic. Is there a way I could export this into thunkable x without playing with the coding?

Hey @22-036to1y,

Sorry to hear about this. I’d be interested to know how this happened as we haven’t been accepting users on Classic since November?

Not to worry though, we’re here to help!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your app design/the components you’re using and we’ll be happy to guide you on how to recreate this project in Thunkable X.


You already have a topic about this. Please don’t hijack other people’s topics with your own problems.


This screen is the only screen I am trying to import as I cannot find the right components in thunkable X.

Got it. Yeah, I’m a big fan of @Andru_Kol’s Hungry Zombie game.

You can use the canvas and Sprite components to recreate something similar in Thunkable X.

Best of luck with it - looking forward to seeing what you build!

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