Thunkable Advertising in MY app?


Finally, after waiting for 2 weeks for the API thing to update, I go and test out my new app I want to put on the store and when I open it the first thing I see is the Thunkable splash screen then it loads my app…why the sudden change huh?

Remove thunkable logo from when the app is loaded

It’s been there for more then two weeks ?


I’m sure the change is recent because only just a few days ago I was testing out my apps and they were all non Thunkable branded


I assure you it’s not I’m re-making my apps since two weeks now and I had the logo from the beginning. And since the service is free and as long as they aren’t charging for Admob yet I assume it’s normal to let them advertise…

Nice day :slight_smile: !


You’ve had the logo from the beginning? That’s strange, none of my apps (except the new ones) have the Thunkable splash screen. here check out one of my apps and notice how it doesn’t have a Thunkable splash screen:


You made this app with Thunkable X ?
Strange I have it from the beginning :confused:


Anyway I think that when they’ll add AdMob we will be able to remove the splashscreen as they will take a fee on our admob revenue :slight_smile:


Yeah I made it with Thunkable X


As I said thunkable is free so it seems legit for me :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a shame because I really love just having my apps as my own…

Another service that I use to build my apps for free (Didn’t use Thunkable because I can’t make good lookin UI’s) doesn’t add their own splash screen

PM me if you wanna know the service that I use (it’s free) cuz idk the rules abt posting here…

Example of different service:

Cant Remove Default Splash Screen - Thunkable X

Good advise…forget Thunkable for professional use.


Hi there,

The Thunkable beaver launch screen has been part of all our apps since the launch of Thunkable for iOS and later Thunkable cross platform ✕. It usually only flashes for a brief moment and then goes straight into your app.

We are working on feature to allow users to get rid of this screen or customize it to their own logo. More to come soon.



or just don’t put the splash screen there in the first place then make a way for users to customise it then release it, it sucks not having control over your own app


Albert, i think is a good idea we reciprocate thunkable with the adversting. But, another developers will discover our secret to build amazing apps faster in Android and IOS.


@thunkable Spread only on App Store with a cost of $ 99 and with a splash tunkable ??? :-1::-1:
I JUST wasted my times for 2 months


You are right, but it is not the thunkable fault. For free, you can neither create ipa files nor place them in the App Store. This is Apple’s policy. Thunkable allows you to install one application on iOS and run an unlimited number of projects within the size of your account on iOS. I do not know of any alternative solution that can give users such functionality. And in this regard, Thunkable is a unique product with good potentials.

If you want to create and distribute your applications for free, this is only possible with the help of web applications.


In addition to @actech, if you are referring to the splash screen when you launch the app, it is gone…

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Sorry, I misunderstood about the splash, thank you for the explanation


It refers to the first screen that appears when you start the application.
To give professionalism the ideal would be that it could be customized, according to the project.


Any updates?