Thunkable 1K App Developer Badge

Hi all -

Thanks to the suggestions from you all, we’ve created a Thunkable 1K App Developer Badge!

This badge will be given to anyone that has developed an app on Thunkable that has at least 1,000 downloads. We will be adding 5K, 10K, 25K badges soon.

Just send me a message with the link to your app with 1K downloads and I will grant you the badge!



so bad that i uploaded my app to google drive not to google play :disappointed_relieved:
one signal says it has been downloaded 735 times

so i’m so close
but google drive doesn’t tell me how many times the file is downloaded

what are the benefits of getting this badge

It would be great to give a link to your app, also this badge doesn’t actually give any benifit, besides the point that you actually developed an app with app builder that earned thousands of downloads.

You mean Thunkable don’t you?

I don’t see difference. Thunkable is an app builder, so technically I said what I meant.

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Yes I agree, but this feature was made for Thunkable users, not the other ones… That’s what I meant :grinning:

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Can you add a 400k badge? I’ll be there in a few weeks.


Which App did you made

This one:


I developed an app earlier in app inventor, but later all the developments are made in thunkable. Is it ok to grant the badge?

And how many uninstalls you had until now?

Edit: Nevermind, I just saw the image after I posted the question.

@indian Share with me the link to the app and I’ll let you know.

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I believe everyone that messaged me with a link to thier app with 1K+ downloads has been granted the badge. If I missed someone, please message me and I’ll make sure to fix it!


@Italo Uninstalls don’t subtract from total installs. Installs is how many devices an app has been installed on the whole time it’s existed. That’s how Google Play measures it with the install badges.

Well, yes. But that tells you how many users actually thinks your app is worth keeping.
Yes, INSTALLS it’s a big number and we all like big numbers, but If somebody installs my app, opens it and uninstalls it right away because it’s not what they wanted, what good is that?
Anyways, 100 thousand is a good number too. Congratulations.

@Italo No… My app is meant to be used for playing board games, so many people do get rid of it after they are done. It’s not built to stay on someone’s device forever, so I count total installs.


Hi, my application currently has 10k

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