This I'm confused for a long time

Hi there.
Yes,I can use the Firebase Sign in component to let me to do a register and sign in system.It can be save the data with stored.

I don’t know whether did someone who had been asked.

The stored variable is just save the data in the own device,even if there is the device is also sign in the firebase account,the data is not same as the original one.

Example,they are using same account
Device A got Level 3
Device B just has been started to be Level 1
How to let Device B also can be tracked to be Level 3 when using same account?

Thanks and I am grateful if you are able to solve my problem :smile::smile:


Hi buddy,

What you mean, is more commonly known as sync.
For example, your iPhone has your gmail account active. You also have an Android Device, which doesn’t have your gmail account active.
When you add your gmail account to Android, your all mails (all same from iPhone) come to this device.
Your mails are synced from their server to iphone & android.

To do sync, you need to first verify the person.
Now, after verifying, you get data from your database that userA is on what level.
When userA logs on other device, verify him, and get his main account’s data from your database (data of userA).

Hope I am clear to you :blush:
Thanks! :blush:

I get your point,but I have no idea to act it.