There is an App Variable listed that I cannot find the Initialization for

I have tried searching for the answer, but the keywords I am using do not bring up my issue…however I am new to Thunkable, so I might just not being using the right ones.

In my list of App Variables that I can select “Scenario” which tells me the App itself is initializing it. However, for a while in the dropdown list of selectable App Variables there was a duplication of that name. I have since deleted the only “Initialize app variable command I had” but the “Scenario” option is still there.

It is like there is a hidden visualization somewhere that I cannot find. I want to find it and clearly place it in the appropriate page…or completely delete that app variable and start over. Thoughts?


If you delete a variable Initialize block, it should delete the variable from the list of variables.

Have you tried a hard refresh of the browser tab? Or clearing the browser cache?

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I tried the refresh, clearing the cash, and even installing a different browser (was on Chrome, trying Firefox)…I have also deleted all references to the variable…No change.

It is still hanging around in the Variable list.


Two more things to try:

  1. Right-click on every screen in the project and choose “Clean up blocks.” Note that that will re-arrange your code blocks and cannot be undone. See if that helps you find the missing Initialize block.

  2. Check loop blocks and function blocks – if you have any – to see if you created the variable there. For example, if you have a loop that says for every j in list… and you rename j to Scenario, then that becomes an app variable as well.

If you still can’t find it and want to share the project link with me, I can take a look too. Or you can send it to Thunkable Support if you have a license that allows that.

I tried the first suggestion, but I am not sure what you mean by the second.

I have replaced all references to that variable that I can find, it is not initialized in any screen, but it remains.

Hello @jns.paramedic
A workaround to solve this issue is to duplicate the screen where you first set the variable, and then delete the original screen.