The Verse, a music guessing app

Hello, I have been using AI and all other similar platforms for nearly 3 years now and have learned new stuff every day and enjoyed all the extensions that this communty has shared with everybody. It feels like i have to give something back and since AI is all the coding i know i might as well share a project that i put alot of time into.

This app is called “The Verse” and is a music guessing game based on verse lines from famous songs. I never finished the home screen (just press the Z) and have been abel to do the heavy lifting in the app code but it has many levels that can be added and functions to be configured.
The mic lets you see the artist of the song and the bomb removes all irrevelant letters, the bar to the left is a charger that i had some plans to intergrate with the spotify API but it never happend. Each verse have 6 hidden words, for each box you open you get a lower score and if you answer corretly when you just fliped up a “bonus box” youre score gets doubled. I had also planned to have questions after each song (you can see parts of it on screen 3) where you could earn extra coins(notes) but i never took the time to do it and not long after that i canceled the project.
Im sure i forgot something but feel free to ask questions.
The game currently only have 15 levels but feel free to continue or remix it or take parts of it!

I hope this may help some people out there!

TheVerse.aia (524.0 KB)
TheVerse (4)_new_zipAlign-2.apk (1.9 MB)