The Layout Component is now available to all!

Fresh from private testing, the Layout component is now available to all Thunkers using our Drag and Drop builder!

What Does This Mean for You?
This feature, which is similar to rows and columns in our Snap to Place builder, allows Creators to precisely position components within containers. The Layout component is a game-changer for quickly aligning multiple components, defining UI behavior across different screen sizes, and much more!

Learn all about the new Layout component in our docs.

Who Is This Available To?
The new Layout component is available to all our Creators, regardless of their plan! Please keep in mind that this feature is still in Beta, as we’re continuing to gather feedback from Creators to inform iterative improvements now that the Layout component is widely available.

To that end, as you use the Layout component, please comment below with what you find most helpful about it, and if you run into challenges, share as much information as possible about what you’re trying to accomplish and what is hindering you. Thanks for continuing to leverage Thunkable to build, publish, and optimize your apps!


Layouts have been great! Hope everyone tries them out

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I’m glad this is moving to mainstream use.

Here are some things that need fixing:

  1. Component padding inside container acts as margin - #3 by tatiang

  2. Container formatting in side panel

  3. Only some DVL components respond to clicks - #9 by tatiang

  4. Is there a way to detect a click in a cloned Group or Container using Layouts (beta)? - #6 by tatiang

How can we know when something is being worked on by your staff?

There are still no tags or responses to ANY posts in GitHub. Should we stop using it?

Thanks for flagging the previous feedback posts you’ve shared @tatiang! I wanted to chime in here, as what you shared relates to our last discussion.

How can we know when something is being worked on by your staff?

I’ve started discussions with our Product team on how we can create better transparency about our product roadmap and in-flight projects, as well as more open dialog about requests; however, we have not yet developed a plan or concrete timeline. I will share more as plans get firmed up. This is important and we will be making improvements.

There are still no tags or responses to ANY posts in GitHub. Should we stop using it?

This is definitely a miss on our part. Following up on what I shared on our call, we will be sunsetting the “Issues” section of our Github account, and asking Creators to continue posting in the Community:

  • Product feedback can be shared using the Feedback category
  • Bugs can be reported using the Issues/Bugs category; and Creators on a Pro plan or above can also report bugs through the Support option when you’re on a Project page

This will help us centralize bug reporting and product feedback more. Please know that our Product team has reviewed and considered all prior feedback submissions via Github, and we greatly appreciate all of the thoughtful input!

We’ve also reflected these updates in existing Community posts and Docs where applicable to avoid confusion moving forward. More to come as we work to improve how we manage and engage with product feedback, but please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.


Okay, good to know. I’ll focus on posting here instead.