[Demo] Dynamic Chat UI

Having great fun beta testing the new Layouts component this morning - was able to make this chat ui in just a few minutes and the example in the video below uses just 54 blocks.

The previous template I shared for this wasn’t bad but this new approach allows for a whole lot more flexibility with significantly less set up time required.

Tutorial to follow!!


I generally don’t have the layout component Dnd UI. I think it is only for pro…

It’s in beta testing which means it hasn’t been released to everyone yet.


@vishruth-ram it’s available to anyone who wants to test and provide feedback here:

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Hey @domhnallohanlon any update on that tutorial? Or maybe a link to the project to start? I can’t figure out how to made it “scroll to bottom”

Will hopefully get something together next week (if something unexpected doesn’t crop up in the meantime!!)

In relation to scrolling to the bottom @zander there are blocks for scroll to bottom and scroll to top in the layouts component now. Are you in the beta group?


Oh Perfect!! I didn’t know that was there! Thank you!