The Kaziranga Treasures (#MadeWithThunkable)

Hello Thunkers,

This is Hanna Dew Drop Nath, a 15-year-old newbie from Assam, India. Beforehand, I never realised what power this amazing platform holds. It was just when WhiteHatJr introduced me to this beautiful and awesome platform called Thunkable, that I realized what superpowers it holds!! With Thunkable, I realized myself and what I am capable of doing. :grin: The dynamic and beautiful features of this platform made my whole mind spin and as a result I came up with an amazing app Idea.

The app that I #MadeWithThunkable is “THE KAZIRANGA TREASURES”. Many of you might be familiar to The Kaziranga National Park of Assam that is famous for its rare one-horned Rhinoceros. The cases of rhino poaching for their horns has been increasing rapidly over the past recent years. So, I made an app, that’s basically a game against rhino poaching.

The story that is included in this game is as follows: Rangili is the name of a girl protector who wants to save the rhinos from the poachers. The game follows with her shooting the poachers while trying to save the rhinos. The game also includes fun facts about the park! It looks like this-! IMG_20201226_204703|293x500

The link to playstore- The Kaziranga Treasures

As this is my first ever app, your valued feedbacks and ratings would help me to strive harder the next time to do something special for my state or motherland as a whole!! Waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions :grinning:!!
Let’s make this world a better place!! :heart:



great app

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Thank you so much, if you have any kind of feedback or suggestions for this app, then it’s highly solicited!!

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also welcome to the community

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Thank you so much. Am proud to be a member of the community now!! :grinning:

Awesome :+1:

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Thank you😄

muito bom o game

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