The build server is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. Feb9

When i export my app… its shows that ‘‘The build server is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes.’’ and when it be done then the app installing but after installing it cant open… so whats the main problem…
sorry for bad English
hope you will solve my problem

See my answer from earlier today:

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Hi all -

This is happening because we have too many users using the servers at the same time. Sorry for this trouble.

@wei is going to add more build servers and this should be fixed by Monday! Please report back if you are still having the same issue next week.



This problem also I faced from from January 18 when I add 10 music and when I try to export the app the server says server busy can’t find the target try again later

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What the f**k your servers are doing. I am trying to build my app from 30 days it still says servers are busy. If you have lot of users than why you don’t purchase more servers. Everytime it comes with an irritating message. I request you all the users to never try this website. It is only waste of time.

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Perhaps you could buy the servers for them?

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I still have this problem. Is there a time where its less busy that you recommend I try?