Build Servers Busy?

Hi everybody,
I am trying to build my IOS and I keep getting the notification that the servers are busy. Is there any work-around as I need to have this app build ASAP?

Unfortunately you’ll need to wait like everyone else.

Do you know about how long this will take?

It can sometimes take the better part of a day. There are various topics about this issue on the forum.

Ok, thanks!

I have been having the same issue. I am wondering if it is worth getting the paid account. My concern is getting a paid account and having the same issue. Anyone have experience with a paid account and if they still have this issue?

Hi @daniel.c.rauschk96lu, there are two waiting lines. Free users and Pro users. Because there are less Pro users than free users the line is shorter, and builds are typically quicker. Did this answer your question?


Thanks for the response, this helps. I just want to be sure I don’t pay for the pro experience and have the same “all servers are busy”. I have to get creative to find times that the servers are not busy with free and understand it could happen with pro during some peak times, but I am hoping if I use a pro account, it would be rare. does anyone know if that is the case with pro?