The best way to create Accordion Style in Thunkable

What is the best way to create the Accordion Style in Thunkable

Hello @minamaestro2023kg :wave:
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Could you please share more information regarding what you need to build?

I’d like to build a to do list with the accordion style as a style.

You’ve said that twice but it would be helpful to provide a screenshot or sketch of what you mean or link to an example.

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here an approximate example,

but the used blocks are legacy blocks, it would be better to have the same effect using the current blocks and with better styling

Hello @minamaestro2023kg :wave:
Thank you for sharing more information.
The design has definitely changed but the button components and the blocks on the video are still the same. For the boxes, you can use containers. You can find more info here: Layout Component - Thunkable Docs

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@ioannis Thank You

The Point Now, How to add container dynamically?

I’ve found a post about a similar project here,
Computed width and height for screen - Questions about Thunkable - Community
But I wasn’t able to get more details about how he was able to do it.

Hello @minamaestro2023kg
Why do you need to add the containers dynamically?
The video adds all the containers in the beginning and then changes their visibility.
You can do the same using the following block:

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Here is another example of a dynamic Accordion Style
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