Text to Speech with non-Latin alphabets

Can I attach an extension with Thunkable?

You can’t use extensions with Thunkable

Thunkable X does not support extensions. This has been asked and answered many, many times previously and a quick search of the forum would have provided your answer. Instead you chose to spam the forum.

I honestly think Thunkable should take action against spam posters.

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Which extension do you want to use @prathikshasamal08rgq?

There’s probably a sample project already which does what you’re looking for

text to speech extension because the normal didn’t speak any languages except languages having english script.

hmm why not use translator and text to speech compoenent…

same is for mit tho

What do you mean by mit tho

Can I use Web API Component for it?

yes why not they have inbuilt compoent too tho

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#off-topic i think he means app inventor


What Should I do?

Can I use Thunkable Classic Android?

its not available
use mit app inventor or niotron

I need a no code platform that has a different URL for each project like thunkable.And the text to speech and translator component should work properly

@prathikshasamal08rgq which language are you working with?


I’m working with these 34 languages:

Hi there,

The text to speech component definitely works with non-Latin alphabets!

Check out this translator app, which will translate some text from English to a target language, display the translated text, and read it out loud with the Text to Speech component.


No it’s not working with non-Latin alphabets

Did you try that sample app?

What device are you testing on??

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Yes, Android 8.0.0