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Please add German to Text to Speech!

Hi, I’m writing aapp that takes advantage of text to speech. So far so good, but a key aspect of text to speech in terms of accessibility - and part of ios core functionality - is being able to adjust the Speaking Rate of the speech between fast and slow depending on user preference.

I was hoping that adjusting the settings on my ios phone would propagate to the app using text to speech - but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Is integrating or adding that accessibility use case a priority?

Thank you!

hi, i have recently noticed that if i were to use the speech to text component and then if i tried to u the text to speech the text to speech wouldn’t work and this would not work until i fully closed thunkable…

the code ive been using is:


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Hi @thomas_dev :wave:

The = block is case sensitive, so unless your value exactly matches your string then it won’t respond to you.

Also, have you tried using the value block itself rather than the generic label lable1 block ?

hi @domhnallohanlon,

Thanks for your answer, I have tried that block but I’m still stuck.
Have you an idea to solve this? send me than a picture with the blocks that’s a bit easier for me.
Thank you!

for debugging you should just output the value to a label, then send us a screenshot of what you see on your app.


Hi Domhnall,
The output in a label is working perfectly but my issue is to text to speech the answer on the output in the label. So if the output of the value is “hello how are you” the text to speech has to say: tanks I’m fine"

I have tried to answer to change the text in the label to thanks I’m fine. But then the text to speech isn’t working I will send you an example of what you see on the app.

here is a video of what you see on the app, it’s with sound so you can hear the text to speech is working: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y0sSUU32pFdpLz42raAtgP27hfv7VJ9N

Thank you

Hi Thomas,

We have discussed this previously, so I am saying this for the benefit of anyone else who looks at this post:

For some reason, the Text to Speech block does not work when it is called in the same function as a Speech Recognizer block.
(Even when they are not working with the same data, even when the Text to Speech component is called before the Speech Recognizer block.)

An error has been filed about this, and it will hopefully be fixed soon.

I will post a follow-up here when there is more information on this matter.

When you say, “same function,” what is an example of “not in same function?” Can I have a function that calls a function with recognition and then one with text to speech? Or do I need to isolate some other way? An example would be nice, thank you.

Is there any way for when the text to speech bot talks, for It to add that text in a text box?

Hi @finn.burger176tmmlr!

Welcome to the community! :tada: :smile:

Do u mean this -
As long as the text to speech bot speaks, add that spoken text into a text box.


Thanks! :wink:

Yes. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

The text to speech component needs to be fed an item of text.
Since you have to fetch that item of text anyway, you can simply display that text in a label.

Does that make sense?


Yes, I totally understand.

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Hello! I would l like to request the spanish language to the text-To-Speech function on Thunkable X.
It would be sooo awesome to have a personal assistant in spanish for my app.
If anyone have an idea of how to make Google DialogFlow speak in spanish withouth the text to speech you can tell me!

I been developing some apps on X and so far it’s amazing! Thanks for the possibility of making a more educated world!

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And German, please!

If you have a lot of time, I would like to have Hungarian text to speech too :wink:

Hi everyone,

We are going to support 86 languages in the Text to Speech component in our next release – thanks for asking for it.


Hey @rollke @EanW @MRGC101 @thomas_dev @daniel.brookshier5r @finn.burger176tmmlr @Gonzalo_Omar_Blanco @Valaki_52 :wave:

Since everyone here is using the same component, I’m hoping we can create a mini Text To Speech “expert group” here in the Community.

The good news, as I’m sure you know already; German, Hungarian and Spanish (+82 other languages) are now supported by the TTS component.

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 23.52.54 Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 23.52.32 Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 23.48.30

Leave a comment if you have any other related questions and we can help one another out here.


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