Testing Thunkable Android APK In Firebase Test Lab

I am trying a Firebase Robo test with the simple Thunkable app written by Thunkable that is the comments of the Thunkable tutorial https://youtu.be/qotZVqzTUpg on Logic Blocks (a simple app written by the Thunkable team with a button to increment/decrement the value of a label). I downloaded the APK and then uploaded it to Firebase Test lab to have it perform a Robo Test. The APK uploaded, but Test Lab reported “Failed To Create A Test Matrix” almost immediately. Others report that this is essentially a generic Test Lab error message. I have been through Firebase troubleshooting and done things like enabled the Google Cloud Testing API on my Firebase project for the app.

The Robo Test docs state " Robo test is only compatible with apps that use UI elements from the Android UI framework (including View and ViewGroup objects, but excluding WebView objects). If you use Robo test to exercise apps that use other UI frameworks, including apps that use the Unity game engine, the test may exit without exploring beyond the first screen." Could this be the problem? I think Thunkable uses the React Native framework - does that not generate Android UI framework UI elements?

Or could the problem be something else?

I am teaching a college Software Development course and want my students to try Test Lab on a simple app, so I am hoping Thunkable Android apps can be run through Test Lab. If not, is there another free automated test platform that can test Thunkable-generated apk’s?

Help appreciated!

I resolved this. When Thunkable downloads an APK, it creates a file name with %20 symbols in it if there a spaces in the Thunkable Project name. Firebase seemed to choke on those symbols in the file name. Renaming the APK to remove spaces in file name allowed it to be uploaded and run in Test Lab.

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