Testers needed for chritmas calendar

Hello, I have built this christmas calendar, can somebody please try it and tell me if it works?
I don’t know exactly how to set it free to you, is this link that you need?

I would like especially to know if it works on iOS, I tested it on android.

I wish to go further with screen 3 and 4, but it’s not ready yet.
In measure to let you try at the moment you can open it in november, but the end version will not do this.

Did somebody try it?

I tried it and it had a very similar look and behavior with iOS. The day numbers were not quite centered in iOS as they are on Android but it was close enough, I think. Here was what it looked like:

Also, I noted that it seem like none of the images from i.postimg.cc were accessible to me on either phone, or even from a web browser.

Hope this helps.


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thank you very much, I agree that the visualisation is close enough, no problem.
I wanted to know if the pictures were visible.
I feard that they took to much space, as pointed out in another topic, but actually that’s not the problem, so I will insert them again fisically and not depend on web api.
Thank’s again. I hope beeing ready for saturday.