Template for Firebase Authentication

How do I construct a standard and professional firebase authentication messages,I mean the mails received
Verifying email account for app
Reset password request


You can edit the password reset email inside firebase. I think the account confirmation is static though without any coding that is.

Hey @versatile! Great question


thanks,but what i want is if i can get a template on how to construct the messages,and also how to avoid it getting into Spam folder?

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To avoid spam, you must white label your firebase account by setting up hosting, i believe. You’ll need to google that, there’s lot of instructional sites out there.

For a template, I’d recommend you reach out to someone on Fiverr/UpWork/(maybe just a friend) or who is a writer to write that for you unless someone here int he forum has a nicer template they’d like to share.


I don’t have a template but I might be able to help with the HTML generation for the template. What I wrote for my app is proprietary and I can’t share. But I can use what I learned to help.


Thanks appreciate it