Switching from landscape to portrait freezes my device

If I put the orientation on auto or landscape and then attempt it in the thunkable live app or the side loaded app it always slows the app down significantly within the 2nd or 3rd rotation, to the point I have to swipe the app away and restart it.

Is this a known issue and something I am doing wrong that would fix this?



Did you test your app in multiple devices?

Sorry for the delay. I’ve tested this on other devices now on my android, which is 4 years old and much slower than my iPhone. It does lag a little bit, but catches up and begins working normally again. If I leave the screen and come back and put it into landscape again, it lags again and then catches up, and I can repeat this over and over.

Again this is on my much slower Android where it just lags for several seconds and then catches up and the lag goes away.

On my iPhone if I just go into landscape once and back to portrait, everything is normal. If I do it a 2nd time, it takes much longer than my android to catch up and begin working normally again. It’s not even close to a reasonable amount of time to wait or expect a client to wait. It’s on the order of 30 seconds maybe before I can tap any button or navigate away.

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