Support for more screens and payment


I just purchased the PRO version and then hope I will hear from someone. I have some questions I have asked in several emails but no reply.

I got answer from Hristo that I could use several pages to calculates some scores in my App. Funhall. So I dont have so many blocks on each screen. But it often made a wrong score. But the error was not constant every time we tested. Now i have placed all the calculations on the same page and it seem to work.
Question 1: Does it matter if I have more than 10 screen in the cross version. Could that be the reason for the above problem when we had 20 screens?? is there a limited number of screens in the cross version?? Check this version “Version3,28 old seperat calculation”

Question 2: Is it posible to connect a payment by card metode as paypal or similar or google pay as I used to pay this PRO version?

Looking forward to you reply soon now I purchased the PRO version. Hope that is helping.:grinning:

BR martin

I cannot think of a scenerio where you need 20 screens.

Multi screen management is complex. So for question one please look at your design and see if you can do things like nesting design elements in “Layout”, make them visible etc.

For payment look at this section


Hi and thanks for your reply.
I didn´t get any answer on the score issue. I like to know what is the reason that is doesnt. calculate the score right.
In the link to the video below you see that it wont calculate the right score. But sometimes it does, so the calculating code is right. This is really a big problem. I can not get further before I know the reson.
Here is the link to the APP
Video links: the score should be: 0-3-0-2 the score should be: 2-3-0-0 sorry for the cut at the last second. You have to pause in the end to see the score.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

With the score, I would suggest not calculating on Screen.Initialize and put it in a clock instead.

If the score is inconsistent, it means the calculation is being interrupted. So make sure you isolate the calculation and nesting that in a clock is a good way to ensure it is executed properly.

Thanks for that fast repåly. What do you mean by nesting in a clock???

Actually, best thing to do is to create a function.

In X the Clock function is called Timer, and it works different vs classic.

I can work, however it is best if you use function instead. You create a function to do your math, and then you call it from Screen Initialize

okay. Can you make a little example?


Is it like this you mean?

What is the different in the two blocks Screen opens or starts???
Also when I opens the MiniOL screen it is VERRY slow. Is that because of the initialize blocks?

I would put everything possible into functions from the main screen. On Screen.Open and Start in my experience slows things down.

But does the function works in cross of the screens?

No, you need to recreate the function for each screen

okay thanks.
You wrote “I would put everything possible into functions from the main screen.” then I will get even more blocks on the main screen. I have a lot of blocks in each screen all ready. You wrote earlier that there you recomend NOT over 400 blocks on each screen.

I did not say the 400 block limit. Others have said they find interacting with it very tricky if there are more then 400 blocks.

What I meant was, try to embedd as much as you can in one screen

Functions are great when you do not want to replicate blocks for the same purpose. You can pass variables between the functions as well. If you hit the Gear button here, you can add variables that are expected to be passed.


cOkay. Can you please look at my app and tell me how to improove the app. I am mostly interested in updating the screen MINI-OL. But I really dont know where and how to start. Can you please help me.
I also like to know what it is that is slowing down the site with the blocks. Is it the initialize blocks? If yes can I have those in a nother site/screen?
I really hope that you can give me some clues to make the block site a little faster.
looking forwrd to hear from you soon.
Br. Martin


I still like an answer on the question regarding the slowing down. Can you tell if it just is the number of blocks or is it something else. This is the App i work on.
I now have made some functions to get rit of some "double"code. But the broblem with this app is that it need to calculate some points and score and there fore need a lot of blocks.
But can you please help with 1 or 2 goog tips to get it faster. Because the Mini-ol is just one screen and I have a lot of other screens to make and that will add even more blocks.