[Superpost] How can I download a .ipa file of my app from Thunkable?


This is an illegal operation. Why do you need it?

Why is it illegal?
We do not have access to Apple’s App Store in our country and we have to use [a different store] instead of it to publish the ios apps.
Is not there a way to release an app on this App Store?

Officially, you can install ipa from the AppStore. But downloading an unofficial ipa on iOS from other sources or downloading ipa from a device is only possible when using a hacked device.

Can these hacked apps hurt my device or downloaders? If not, please name one of these programs

Unofficial ipa can be good, but I don’t know how to install it on the official iPhone.

thanks for your respons:pray::pray:


I have created a project and i am able to download APK for android but when i try to get IOS app its not working.

Please take a look here > Screen Recording 2018-07-13...

Please help me.




to obtain the app you selected on Thunkable X IDE “Download | Download the iOS App”. After that you will receive an email with a link to the application. You need to open this message on your iOS device, for example, on your iPhone, download the application by reference and install it as it is written in the Thunkable X documentation. Why do you open a link to Mac OS?

not working this iOS download link

The link in the letter exists only 24 hours. Can you tell me in detail what actions you are doing to install the application and on which device (operating system) you want to install it?

in my computer Windows

Applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) can not be installed for Windows.

See the information here



Solution is try something else, like PWA or just buy a a template if you looking at simple app like webviewer.

Thunkable is not ready.

I need to download iox app so that I can upload it on apple store but i cant download the file as the link to download never work on windows i didnt tried it on iphone yet

Plz test it on iOS, it will work.

Hi @asifkamal1,

We don’t allow you to download an .ipa file because we have a feature that allows you to publish directly from Thunkable X

Hope that helps.

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I see that many members have posted this question, but no answers make them happy.

  1. We need the IPA file can be downloaded and located in our own storage. And then, we can share it via any things ex: Messanger, Telegram, Facebook… or upload it to other app store (Not apple store).
  2. Thunkable send us the link to download, but the link is allowed to download and install right now in IOS. It is not possibled for download and keep in our own storage. We can not share the link to other for downloading because this link is available for 24 hours only.
  3. You do not allow us to download ipa file, so can you help us to publish on other app store (Not apple store)?

I want to upload it to google drive

apk file of IOS app???