"Submit your app for approval" message appears and an app cannot be published

When I try to publish my app, I get the following message and cannot publish the app.

I already submitted to MCM network and I got an invitation from AdMob.

And I have done everything described in this article, but I keep getting error messages and cannot publish the app.

Same with me-

@whoocoder This message appears when you attempt to publish a project with AdMob components in it but your app has not yet been approved by the Thunkable AdMob team. Have you submitted this app for approval yet? If you are not using AdMob in this project, you will want to remove all AdMob components before publishings.

Hi Matthew
Yes I have submitted the AdMob Form.

Thanks for letting us know! You will be able to publishing without that warning as soon as the Thunkable AdMob team approves your app.

plz check my app also :smiling_face_with_tear:

@pkhg3339rzwr Our AdMob team will review your submission as soon as they possibly can. Depending on the type of app you are submitting a full review might take anywhere from 2- 5 working days. Thank you for your patience.