NO Admob, but I still recive the Massage: "Submit your app for approval"

I have tried in my App Admob, then I removed all of them, but I still recive the Massage : " Submit your app for approval", and I can not download it. Any Sugestion???

where are you getting “submit your app for approval”? Is that in Thunkable or in the iOS/Android store?

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me too .Maybe you had admob at past.

I am getting that Massage when I want to download My App for Android. As I sad, I removed all Admob from MY App but, still I can not download it.

Have you published your app already @bmh1974?

If not, you can make a copy and that should get rid of the AdMob warning.

Let me know whether or not that works for you,


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I have published the App without AdMob, than I wanted to see how it looks with AdMob, after that I removed all AdMob because I want to make update. When I start to download Android App it still shows the same Massage. My App could be found on Play Store under:
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