Strange list reject on live test

When I try to fill the first element of list LDNCsv it simply won’t. Debug immediately after verifies the list is still empty.

I tried reducing the characters in the name of the list, and reducing the overall program size. Neither helped.

What happens if you replace app variable C4 and LDNCphone with static text strings?

What happens if you create a very simple event such as When button clickin list app variable LDNCsv set # 1 as "test"? It helps to isolate that section and see if there’s something else causing it to fail.

Is there anywhere else in your blocks where you’re setting app variable LDNCsv to anything other than a list (empty or otherwise)?

What happens if you use the blocks in the screenshot above but remove the set stored variable LDNCsv to block?

I think you are onto something here. My APK was blowing up since my storage variables were null. So I moved a blank to them to keep them happy. But then I moved the storage to the app variable list. That must have confused it? How do I keep the storage variables happy when they are supposed to be empty? Put in a header? IDK. I replaced the variables with a number for the index, and a literal for the input and it still wouldn’t accept it.

Did you try this?

If so, can you share a screenshot of those blocks?

Stored variables need to be checked when the screen opens. If they are null, then set them to an initial value (empty list for lists, “” for text, 0 for numbers, etc.).


thanks. setting to empty list worked.

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