Stored variables not working properly

I have two variables following list and block list when you make account for the first time both of these are set to empty list and when screen opens at the bottom it’s suppose to show a 0 if the following list is empty which it does when you make account for the first time then there is block screen with label “block list” which gets changed to block list is empty if the list empty but after the first time if I close app from background or log out or anything the variables don’t work again at all please check these I have been raising this issue for last 4-5 months

Showing nothing where it shows 0 first time

can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using to accomplish this task?

Blocks in itself work fine if there was an issue in blocks it wouldn’t even work the first time it does. It’s the variable that’s faulty and I have discussed it with other community memebers and they say variables are unstable