Strange bar appears at top of screen

We recently updated our mobile responsive website, which we want to launch in a Thunkable X app.

Before, this displayed fine using the webviewer. But since the latest version, we are getting this strange green element to display on top. Which we don’t see in any other browser.

How do I troubleshoot this?

Hi Melle,

Could you send me a message with a link to this project?

Hi Jane,

This is the link to the project:

Note: This only shows in the application after installed on the phone.
The preview on Thunkable website/editor doesn’t show this element.


Hi Jane,

Any update on this? We are eager to release our application, but this strange issue is preventing us from going live :innocent:

I’m experiencing something similar…

Here’s a screenshot, this is the downloaded app from Thunkable

Notice the white bar almost cuts into the status bar at the top of the phone.

Not sure what’s causing this, anyone else experienced this?

I searched before I posted this and didn’t find what I was looking for at first, but I have since found the answer to this.