Store Airtable set of rows on mobile local storage

@Mark @domhnallohanlon @actech
Is it possible to store an Airtable set of rows on a local device so to be able to retrieve it offline and more quickly? I have tried to store “rows” as a value of a “Local Storage” component but it doesn’t seem to work.

I have tried to store it as a stored variable but it doesn’t work either. Mine is a database that doesn’t change and I would like users to be able to retrieve data offline without connecting every time to Airtable. Thanks!

sure. is this something you would have the app periodically update?

I use firebase to accomplish online syncing for object data.

i imagine you could use localDB for offline syncing of data the same

Unfortunately my database is quite big 170 columns x 620 rows…

I tried to store the object value “row” (from “getallrows” in Airtable) in a stored variable but I cannot make it work. In my test project the app variable works but not a stored variable.

How can I save the value
“Rows” (i.e. all my Airtable DB) for offline use so that I can query it normally as if I was online?