Stock trading multiplayer game

Hi Thunkers,

I am here to seek help in developing a game on Thunkable which simulates a stock trading game and allows people in real life to sell and buy stocks, it can use some dummy stocks though.

Is it possible to do so in Thunkable? Pls help. TIA

Yes, it’s possible to simulate that with Thunkable. To buy/sell actual stocks, you would need an API. I’m not sure if one exists but you could Google that.

As with any app development, it’s best to ask questions about specific small steps you need help with.

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Yes, it’s definitely possible to create a stock trading game using Thunkable! Thunkable is a great platform that allows you to build various types of apps, including games. You can use dummy stocks to simulate the trading process and make it realistic for users.
To get started, you can use Thunkable’s drag-and-drop interface to design the game’s user interface and create the logic for buying and selling stocks. You may also need to integrate real-time stock data from APIs to make it more engaging.
Don’t worry if you’re new to Thunkable or app development; there are plenty of helpful tutorials and resources available to guide you through the process.


Thanks @tatiang I understand your point, was not getting a starting point for the same, hence thought of seeking help as in even it is possible to make such an app . Few things which are needed to start with are
Firebase setup with login /signup
API /Json data fetching
Database of the user’s portfolio which stores name of stocks bought and sold with qty and price
multiplayer feature
Is there any tutorial where I can learn to make a multiplayer game?

Oh Thanks @jiridaj231grksie , I read your post after my reply to previous post.

I don’t think so. You pretty much just set a value for the current player in Firebase and then have each player check that key to see if it matches their unique player value (e.g. userId).

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