How to create real time world

Hello, thunkable community, i am currently working on a pokemon game app, in which i want players can travel or move in a real time virtual world like we see in many pokemon games, players can meet with each other make friends, and i want to show pokemon randomly on that and players can also catch them

Is this possible in thunkable,

It’s really not the strength of Thunkable to create something like that. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Probably. It wouldn’t be the best platform to build a game like that and you’d definitely need to use a tool like firestore or supabase but sure, why not. It’s possible, probably to build some kind of mvp and then eventually switch to Unity or some other game platform.

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Yes, @jared, you are right, i know about this. I had already made many games using unity and unreal.
But its very sad, that this is not possible in thunkable.
Yes, one more thing, u said its possible through firestore or supabase, can u please tell hot we can use firestore or supabase in thunkable, because i can’t see anywhere block for firestore or supabase.
And once again, Thanks for your reply.

You’d connect via rest apis. There aren’t built in blocks that would be ideal for this.

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Oh i understood, like the same, that we do in javascript.

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