Starter plan/ Not enough MB?

Hello all, I updated my plan to Starter so I can get more flexible for the beginning, later I will go for pro, but for now I will stay on starter until my app will be done… but I got one problem/question… When I try to upload more assets I got a error with “Your project has reached the 50.00MB data limit” … but since I upgraded my plan to Starter, I am not supposed to have more data on a project? I get 500 data on account storage, how much is on the project now?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @mantarosiegabrielq55

Sorry for the confusion. The wording can be tricky. Hopefully this is more clear.

each project is called at 50mb.

Your account is capped at 500mb across all apps combined.

And on pro plan the project can hold more than 50mb? Or is there another way to improve that limit? I am making a trivia game and I want to put a photo on every question, and that is eating up space.

No. Projects on all plans are capped to 50mb.

Not yet. You could and should consider using a media storage service such as cloudinary or other services to serve your media. You could have unlimited media this way.

Alternatively you can work to compress your images as small as possible. Then packages as many as can fit in the 50mb limit.

There are ways to put my stuff in a cloud device and use them in my app? That mean the app can be used only when it’s connected to the internet?

As Jared mentions above you can set up a Cloudinary account and store a lot of assets there @mantarosiegabrielq55

Another approach would be to reduce the number of animated gifs you have in your project and consider replacing them with a lighter weight format such as lottie animations:

This will also save you significant space.


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