StackNavigationOptions - does not work with "Any component"

Hi all, I tried to change Stack Nav. Options in blocks with success:


It also works with the Any component, but only when you are in the same screen:


I would like to change the properties of other screens (lets say [from Screen “Screen2” set…]), which does not work. For example to change an app to different language supprt it is neccessary to change the headers to the chosen language from a block.

Is it a bug?


As a component you specify the string “Screen3” - this is the wrong data type. It is necessary to specify the block Screen3


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Hi @actech,
I do not think that it is the wrong data type, because it works when my block is inside screen3!

My goal is to change the setting for other screens i.e. screen1 when my block resides in screen3. I have no drop down option to select “screen1” in the green block “from Screen … set …”, that is why I inserted the textblock with a different name.

Why am I doing this… lets say you have a drawer with 3 screens like “Info, Help, Privacy” and the app allows you to change the language. In the moment you select a different language then it is neccessary to change all 3 titles to the selected langugage, otherwise the drawer will show the titles in the old language. I am looking for a way to change the title of Stack Navigators or Drawers from other screens.

You’re right, the developers added the ability to specify components by their name in the text box. Good news.

I’m afraid that can not be accessed from one screen to the components that are on the other screen. But you can change the names of the screens when they are opened. To this end, each screen need to transmit the values ​​of variables - expression language and depending on the value set for the title.